Pre Purchase Building Inspection

We identify all major structural damage in the house and provide you with a detailed explanation advising:

We identify all major defect and faults with the building and list them in point form:

We inspect and report on the all parts of the building and provide a general overview on how the building is performing. In this process we report on the following:

The external wall lining, the roof covering, the windows, the floor, the plumbing, flashings out buildings, verandahs, garages.

The internal wall lining, the fixing, the wall and floor tiling, the painting, the doors the architrave and skirting, fixtures cupboards and taps. The plumbing works and fittings and the condition of the plumbing works and fittings.

The electrical installation in inspected in part, we report on the installation where accessible, we report on the safety of the system and advise if the system appears to have been altered. If the condition of the cabling is of concern to us we will advise you of this are request that it be independently inspected by an electrician.

After the inspection, normally that night we call you and provide you with a detailed comprehensive report on all parts of the building. We explain how the faults and defects identified are likely to effect you and how they can be fixed and at what cost.

This normally takes 25 to 35 minutes.

The written reports, including building, timber pest and overview of the property, following within 24 hours.

The average length of these reports is 26 to 30 pages in length as we provide all the information collected during the inspection to you.

These reports can also be emailed as well as posted. Those parts of a building that are not normally inspected during an inspection are appliances, machinery, motorized or electronic equipment, pumps and the like.